/Probate Litigation & Trust Administration

Probate Litigation & Trust Administration

We offer a wide range of probate and trust administration services, advising executors and trustees, as well as beneficiaries.

Probate is a stressful process often necessary after one’s death. We advise the executor of the estate and guide him or her through the steps required in probate court to ensure the process is carried out properly and efficiently.

Probate litigation is a specialized area of law, and Michele Goens is one of a small number of Arizona attorneys with genuine expertise in this area. Having a background in civil litigation as well as estate planning, her experience leads her often in a position to educate the opposing counsel as to why his or her argument might win in civil litigation, but fails in probate court. She has represented clients large, complex lawsuits involving substantial assets, and her success in probate court has been self-evident.

People with substantial assets often establish trusts during their lifetimes that dictate how their assets are to be used after his or her death. An important key to a successful trust is choosing a good “Trustee”. The Trustee is the person who steps in to administer the trust after the grantor’s death. Essentially, the Trustee steps into the grantor’s shoes and acts according to the terms of the trust. A good Trustee does his or her best to make decisions with wisdom, looking out for the good of the beneficiaries and the preservation of wealth, in business decisions and funds requests from the beneficiaries.

If you are interested in Michele Goens acting as Trustee for your trust, please email us at michele@generationsfirm.com for more information.